On February 1st 2012, the inaugural issue of the Beyond Bat Mitzvah Club monthly E-Newsletter, the BBMessenger was released! Here is a peek at one of the articles:

Mitzvah News 

Hi Mitzvah girls! Sheena here! I am so grateful for all the mitzvah opportunities and amazing leadership in tikkun olam that I saw in January! What a great way to kick off the New Year!

On Sunday the 8th I attended the Moriah School Chesed Fair in New Jersey. The event was sponsored by AllChesed.com and the interest Lev LaLev received was so exciting for me!

On Tuesday the 17th you could find me at the Ramaz Middle School’s annual chesed fair in Manhattan. I was so thankful that a Lev LaLev donor actually organized it so that we could be there! I was the last to leave the event; some very motivated girls chose to stay late decorating pencils for the Orphans. Even when their parents said it was time to go, they took some materials home to keep decorating and send us later! Such an inspirational evening!

Finally, here is an amazing project an Ohio High School’s chesed club did to benefit the girls of the Home, our first Beyond Bat Mitzvah club? Click to check their project out.

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